[Samba] Network Help

Chris Smith smb_77 at chrissmith.org
Mon Sep 15 21:02:52 GMT 2008

On Monday 15 September 2008 04:20:37 pm Rubin Bennett wrote:
> I believe this is your issue - I've seen a number of non-definitive
> answers over the years on this one; clarification would be greatly
> appreciated.

Sorry that I cannot clarify, yet second the motion, but will add that I run my 
Samba PDC's with:

os level = 255
announce version = 5.9

Suggest the OP try as well:

local master = Yes
domain master = Yes

Which will still allow the network to act in a peer-to-peer fashion if he 
doesn't join systems to the domain (although with this many clients it's a 
good idea). In any case (with or without 'domain master = Yes' and/or joining 
the domain or not) the 100 clients will need their workgroups set to the same 
workgroup as the linuxbox which I don't see explicitly defined:
workgroup = MYWORKGROUP
so it will just be the default (if I didn't define mine it would default to 

Of course the clients will also need to be setup to use the wins server 
(hopefully with this many clients dhcp is handling that task).


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