[Samba] inherited acl

Matthias Nagel mh-nagel at web.de
Mon Sep 15 15:42:32 GMT 2008

Am Montag, 15. September 2008 schrieb vishesh kumar:
> Thanks Willy and Roberto
>   testparm -v    is serving my purpose. Another doubt i have is related with
> acl.
> Even though by default
> inherit permissions = No
> inherits acls =No
> map acl inherit = No
>  New files and folder is inheriting permission from parent.
> thanks

If the parent directory has "default:[group|user]:<some name>:<permissions>" entries these are inherited by new objects. This is a standard POSIX behaviour and is not related to Samba. They would even be inherited if you created a new file/directory using the console.


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