[Samba] Trouble finding all smb shares on network

Steve Gehrman sgehrman at cocoatech.com
Thu Sep 11 22:18:25 GMT 2008

Hi, just joined the list and know very little about smb.

I'm trying to do something that should be simple, but my current  
solution isn't working 100%

All I need is a list of smb shares on the network.

I'm doing this:

/usr/bin/nmblookup -M -- -

and then use this on each ip returned:

/usr/bin/smbclient -g -p 139 -NL <ip addr>

That works for most cases but it fails to find all the shares  
(compared to the mac Finder)

I asked Apple developer tech support to help, but they don't want to  
give me the complete solution.  There seems to be some additional  
things I need to do to ensure that I find every smb share.

> I've just had a brief discussion with the engineer who implements  
> the support for the Finder to identify the SMB clients which are  
> present on the local area network. I've now verified that the  
> nmblookup and the smbclient tools are the only ones which are used  
> to identify the SMB servers, HOWEVER, the use of these tools which I  
> presented to you is only one case as to how these tools are used.  
> The one scenario which I provided is a common means for identifying  
> the bulk of SMB servers. By changing the arguments to nmblookup,  
> other servers can be identified.
> There are different ways to the the nmblookup call to identify other  
> servers which might be present. It turns out that the use of these  
> tools follows the Samba specification. Unfortunately, the mechanism  
> which the Finder uses to make the nmblookup call is part of  
> proprietary code. The Finder engineer suggests that you go to the www.samba.org 
>  web site for information as to identifying smb volumes.

So, according to Apple, there is some secret alternate method of  
calling nmblookup to get the real list of shares, but they won't tell  
me what it is.

Please give me a hint, point me to docs or something. I'm on a mac and  
just want to get the same list displayed in the Finders "Shared"  
section of the sidebar.



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