[Samba] UID&GID no same at two server...

Renato tutelacooldouce at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 11 12:19:47 GMT 2008

Hi, i  found a solution 
Just to copie /var/lib/samba/winbindd_idmap.tdb ans restart smb & winbind.
I'it okay!


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Hello world!!!! 

I realized that my samba_Server1 did not even UID & GID that the other
samba_Server1 .. 

In summary: the share from the windows works very well.  samba 1 and 2. 

When i run wbinfo-u (samba 1 and 2.) i'have : 


but not

When I run on samba_Server1: getent passwd 

guest: *: 604:608: Guest: / home/MIMOSA/guest: / bin / bash
administrator: *: 603:608: Administrator: / home/MIMOSA/administrator: / bin
/ bash 

when I made the samba_Server2 : getent passwd 

guest: *: 600:600: Guest: / home/MIMOSA/guest: / bin / bash
administrator: *: 601:600: Administrator: / home/MIMOSA/administrator: / bin
/ bash 

I'would like to have the same UID & GID on my two linux...  How i do ??? 
I regenerate a new winbindd base :  c (but
no change... )
Thank you for answer... Sorry for my english writing

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