[Samba] replacement of windows NT by samba

bikrish at aim.com bikrish at aim.com
Thu Sep 11 11:45:26 GMT 2008


I have configured samba as PDC, my requirement is like i have in windows NT, a particular users should have full access means he can read, write ,delete in the share and other user can only modify the file inside the share but shouldn't be able to delete any files inside the share. With posix acl, i am to give particular users in other group to have read write access but when the user gets write access , he is able to delete the files too. I have tried sticky bit, with sticky bit  , the user who created the file can only delete the file. This is not what i want. I want only some users will be able to create files in the share and rest user can only modify those files created by super users. Is it possible to acheive this. I have spent more than a month on this but couldn't find any solution. Can samba give all the features that windows NT provides , specially with permissions like read , write , delete , modiry etc...



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