[Samba] Samba write performance in kernel

Lin Mac mkl23 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 11 08:55:01 GMT 2008


> > Is there any kernel patch to fix this issue? or any discussion, clues?
> Not that I know of at the moment. I'm waiting for the Linux
> kernel to support splice from socket -> file. Code's all
> there in Samba.

Does using splice would really do help in performance much? 
Since the performance improvement might comes from two advantage: 
1. no going to user space.
2. no memory copy
splice surely have advantage 1, but doest it have the second? Can we avoid  memory copy with splice, while writing files to samba? (scatter-gather in block write?)

> BTW, although the splice is not used, some access from window
client seems strange: writing files has no status bar but finished
siliently, and can't delete file. (I've checked the permission of the
file to ensure they are writable.)
> > Writing and deleting files from linux have no such problem. Reading file from both clients have no problem too.
> Doesn't sound like a splice problem to me. Is this
> reproducible ?

Not really, the situation seems different every time I tested it. Last try I have seen the status bar, but all actions seems "delayed" for 5-10 seconds.
Today, it just become VERY SLOW....It take me 5 min to see the file list, then click on a file takes me another 5 minutes, and I'm still waiting to try to delete a file......

But everything comes back to normal when I set the "min receivefile size" to 0...

Best Regards,
Mac Lin

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