[Samba] XP cannot read files after upgrade to Debian Samba 3.2.3

Veselin Kantsev veselin at campbell-lange.net
Tue Sep 9 12:16:39 GMT 2008

I have to debian lenny servers serving SAMBA shared folders to XP SP3 clients.
One server is running samba 3.2.3, the other 3.0.24.

On one of the shares there is a folder which contains email message files with names


On the 3.2.3 samba server:
>From XP I can browse the folder containing that file, but if I try to copy
the file itself I get "Cannot read from source disk" windows error.
I can however copy the folder that contains the file.

On the 3.0.24 samba server:
>From XP I can browse the folder and copy the file itself as well as the folder
containing the file.

I've done some additional tests, if I remove the colon ":" from the file name,
the problem disappears.

Could you please advise what would be the reason for 3.2.3 not allowing
XP clients to copy files containing colons and 3.0.24 would?

I'm using the default smb.conf with one additional section:

  comment = MailBackup
  writable = no
  locking = no
  path = /wwmail
  public = no
  guest ok = no
  valid users = mailusers

Thank you.


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