[Samba] Missing files and folders on Vista

Damien Dye damien.dye at technophobia.com
Fri Sep 5 08:26:51 GMT 2008

this happens with windows 2003 servers too it's a problem with explorer.
the best way it s to limit the folder list to 100 and use subfolders 
with a max of 100 etc

the xp64 and vista 64 have a different limit of 1000 in my experience.

Antoine Leblanc wrote:
> Antoine Leblanc a écrit :
>> Antoine Leblanc a écrit :
>>> Hello everyone.
>>> I'm having a small problem while using samba 3.0.30 on FreeBSD that 
>>> two months of googling haven't managed to fix: when a folder 
>>> contains two many elements, Vista only lists a small amount of them. 
>>> I made my tests with a folder containing around 1000 sub-folders 
>>> (which have the same unix file mode). Vista was first only showing 
>>> around 250 of them. After upgrading samba to 3.0.30, Vista "sees" 
>>> around 400... When connecting from Mac OS X I can see the whole 1000 
>>> sub-folders. Has anyone already met this kind of problem?
>>> Thanks for reading (and sorry for my poor English).
>> Some news from that:
>>   - the missing folders contain no accent or any specific character 
>> that may cause any problem,
>>   - if I move any of the missing folders into any other less 
>> "crowded" folder, I can see it and access it without any problem,
>>   - if I enter the name of the missing folder in the address bar, I 
>> can also access it without any problem.
>>   - XP sees exactly the same amount of folders that Vista does,
>>   - by just creating a new directory (`mkdir test`) in the folder, 
>> the number of folders seen jumped from 411 to 548.
>> Thanks in advance for your help!
> I might even add (sorry for spamming) that the number of folders seen 
> highly depends on actions such as creating a new sub-folder :
>   - as mentioned, creating a "test" folder increases the number of 
> folders seen to 548 ; deleting it brings back the counter to 411,
>   - creating a new folder "test" with Vista brings down the counter to 
> 135,
>   - if I move all the folders in a new sub-folder, Vista now sees n - 
> 1 of them. Moving them back brings the number of folders seen to what 
> it was.
> That seems to be highly irrational... I tried to set a high debug 
> level, but accessing and refreshing the folder does not seem to 
> trigger any log. I also tried to deinstall and reinstall samba then 
> reboot the server, but that didn't change anything.
> Thanks in advance for any help!

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