[Samba] universal netlogon script

Joachim Kieferle joakie at fab.fh-wiesbaden.de
Wed Sep 3 14:13:03 GMT 2008

Brad C wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Advise, I have 200 users, they all have access to 20 shares in different
> combinations. They all have their own netlogon scripts... its a management
> nightmare,
> is there a way to create a universal netlogon script that I can include all
> the shares to mount and it will silently fail on the ones it cant? Perhaps
> there is a smarter way to implement this idea,
> lynching is welcome, so is advice.
> Brad

Hi Brad,

we've been using KIXTART for about 8 years with 1000+ users and it just 
works without any problems. It's a good idea to start with one central 
logon script in the netlogon share, add the line

   logon script = kix32 my_logon_script.scr

and - if it's more complex - call further scripts where you might 
differentiate between e.g. usernames (not that good, since they're 
changing) or groups (better, since they are more general). You might 
also use IF cases to e.g. sort according to the machine IPs, etc. So 
there are many options.

Hope that helps,



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