WG: [Samba] universal netlogon script

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Wed Sep 3 13:39:03 GMT 2008

Hello Brad,

If you are  in linux/unix try a root preexec when the users login there
home directories.
root preexec=/your Path to/your script %U.
In this script make a directory for all the links(if it does not
exist).In it make  a ln -s 
for all other directories that the user should have access.
And the tousand mapped shares are gone.
>From now on your users will find their directories for example all under
the directory data
 in the home-share.


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Hi Guys,

Advise, I have 200 users, they all have access to 20 shares in different
combinations. They all have their own netlogon scripts... its a
management nightmare, is there a way to create a universal netlogon
script that I can include all the shares to mount and it will silently
fail on the ones it cant? Perhaps there is a smarter way to implement
this idea, lynching is welcome, so is advice.

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