[Samba] winbindd freezes on name requests

Sledz, Steffen sledz at DResearch.DE
Mon Sep 1 10:04:11 GMT 2008

We're running samba-winbind-3.2.0-22.1 on an openSUSE 11.0 system. But we have the problem that winbindd freezes when commands request (many) names to UID/GIDs mapped from SIDs (e.g. id or mc).

id -g username
  --> OK (reports gid of primary group)

id -n -g username
  --> OK (reports name of primary group)

id -G username
  --> OK (reports gids of 267 groups)

id -n -G username
  --> freeze  :(

Is this a (known) bug? Is there a fix available? Or is this just a misconfiguration?


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