[Samba] samba + LDAP issue

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Mon Sep 1 05:46:47 GMT 2008

ganeshs wrote:
> My Issue is I don't know how to integrate samba PDC & LDAP
Is the LDAP server going to to become the PDC? or do you want to migrate 
the existing PDC?

In either case, you need to extract your current user data and insert it 
into the LDAP server, setup NSS, and tell samba to use the new backend.

> Linux Client PC(Ubuntu) into domain using samba since I can use centralised
> username and password for Windows and Linux PC.
Unix systems need to be setup to do NSS and possibly PAM lookups through 
LDAP. The PADL *_ldap modules are the most popular way of doing that.
> where can i find document?
Samba by example at samba.org should get you up and running.

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