[Samba] Questions about Samba 3.x on AIX 4.3.3

William.Saxon at sage.com William.Saxon at sage.com
Thu Oct 30 16:54:51 GMT 2008


I realize that AIX 4.3.3 is a very old platform, but we have one such system
which cannot be upgraded and requires Samba. We are currently using Samba
2.2.1a (!) and I'd like to upgrade to something more modern. 

This system participates in a Clearcase environment and we are trying to
share an MVFS filesystem. Users complain that it takes a very long time (5+
minutes) to access this share, or that the access times out. I found a
mailing list post describing a similar problem on Linux from 2004 here:


It doesn't look like Rational released a fix for this issue for the latest
supported version of Clearcase on AIX 4.3.3. It does look like the Samba
workaround appears in Samba 3.0.6. This is a newer version than the most
recent binary package I am able to find for AIX 4.3.3, which is Samba 3.0.4.

So I'm trying to compile the latest 3.0 and 3.2 versions without much
success. I can't compile using the IBM compiler we have because it doesn't
support C99 correctly and configure fails. Compiling smbd/ with gcc 2.95.2
or 3.3.4 succeeds, but the associated linker doesn't understand the
-bexpfull or -bbigtoc targets and linking fails. If I comment these targets
out in the Makefile, linking succeeds. 

I'm hoping someone could answer at least one of the following questions:

1. I don't understand the purpose of expfull or bigtoc. If I can
compile/link without -bexpfull and -bbigtoc, will the resulting binaries be
safe to use?
2. If it's not safe, what is the latest release of Samba that can be built
without having a C99-compliant compiler?
3. What is the latest 'known buildable' version of Samba for AIX 4.3.3, and
what build tools are required for success?



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