[Samba] mac os 10.5.5 and symbolic link to www

Marc Fromm Marc.Fromm at wwu.edu
Tue Oct 28 21:59:16 GMT 2008

We have a new server running Red Hat 5.2EL.
Windows machines can samba to the linux server with no problems, including symbolic links to the www directory.
Our Mac OS 10.5.5 machines have a problem with symbolic links to the www directory.
On the Mac computers, the symbolic links show up as an alias that cannot be followed.
These same MAC computers can samba to the www directory via a symbolic link on our Fedora Core 5 server.

Since the www symbolic link works on a PC that sambas to the Red Hat server, is this strictly a problem on the macs or is there a setting I need to change in a conf file on the Red Hat server, since the same Macs can use the symbolic link to the www directory on the Fedora server?



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