[Samba] Re: Interdomain trust between Samba and W2003 ADS in native mode

Sébastien Prud'homme sebastien.prudhomme at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 12:15:58 GMT 2008


FYI i have set up my Samba system to use the ADS DNS and i've
configured /etc/krb5.conf with the ADS realm and now i can see ADS
users and groups with wbinfo :-)

I also changed some Samba conf as read in Red Hat Knowlegde Base (my
distro is RHEL5.2):
client schannel = No
client use spnego = No
server signing = Auto

2008/10/25 Gerald Carter <coffeedude.jerry at gmail.com>:
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> Hey Ryan,
>> Samba3 cannot act as an AD domain controller and therefore cannot
>> operate in a trust with a native mode AD domain. Samba4 will be able
>> to do this but it is still under heavy development.
>> If you put your AD domain in mixed mode, you should be able to create
>> the trust although I'm not sure if you can convert a native to mixed
>> mode or not...
> This is incorrect.  Native mode AD can have trusts with NT4 domains
> (and therefore with Sambas as well).
> cheers, jerry
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