[Samba] more smbd CPU mystery

Wayne Cochran wcochran at vancouver.wsu.edu
Fri Oct 24 23:52:26 GMT 2008

Thanks for the incantation -- we will be turning off "roaming profiles."
Even so, it still seems that smbd takes *way* too many cpu cycles
-- it should be more network and/or disk bound than cpu bound -- at  
thats my experience with nfsd. Maybe something is misconfigured
with smbd on our system -- I dunno.
--thanks, w

On Oct 24, 2008, at 4:11 PM, Dennis McLeod wrote:

> Is this a roaming profiles issue?
> Have you specifically turned off roaming profiles on the XP  
> (Assuming XP
> here) boxes?
> Assuming XP, you control roaming profiles on the XP machine, not the
> Samba Server.
> On XP:
> Start, Run, type "gpedit.msc", hit enter.
> Expand "Computer Configuration"
> Expand "Administrative Templates"
> Expand "System"
> Highlight "User Profiles"
> Change "Prevent Roaming Profiles from propagating to the server" to  
> enabled.
> Change "Allow only local profiles" to Enabled.
> Logout and back in (or reboot.)

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