[Samba] Re: Bad passwords from Vampire / NT migration

Cooper S. Blake the_analogkid at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 23 03:20:53 GMT 2008

> Ok, I've pushed the third versino into the git repositories,
> so if you can confirm the fix I'd appreciate it.
> Thanks a *LOT* for that bug report - absolutely perfect !
> Jeremy.

OK, well it was easier than I thought to compile the code, so I
did it tonight.  Yes indeed, that was the problem!  I did a fresh
net rpc join to the domain, then ran net rpc vampire and it
successfully loaded all accounts with proper NT hashes.  The
LanMan hashes are all NULL, but I assume that's by design for
security reasons.  I tested using the v3-2-test branch from git.

This is why open source is cool:  being able to test a patch on
the same day is pretty impressive.  Thanks for the help, and keep
up the good work.


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