[Samba] Re: Bad passwords from Vampire / NT migration

Cooper S. Blake the_analogkid at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 20:53:02 GMT 2008

> Great catch. Both look valid to me. I think the best fix for
> 3.2 is to always set rid_crypt to true, and remove all the
> other sam_pwd_hash() calls - just do it in the one place.
> Ok, here is a quick patch for 3.2. It removes some silly
> static buffers and changes all calls to samsync_fix_delta_array()
> to set rid_crypt = true and then removes all the extra
> crypto sam_pwd_hash() calls that are no longer needed.
> Can you confirm it works for you and I'll check it in
> with your credit, and then fix 3.3 and master in the
> same way.
> Thanks a *LOT*,
> Jeremy.

Thanks for taking a look.  Unfortunately I'm not really setup to
verify the patch or compile the code, as I was just browsing through
the git repositories over the web to try to find the problem.

My current setup is Fedora 9 using packages.  Maybe in the next few
days I can work on downloading and building the 3.2 branch and
trying the fix.  I'm still confused about why my vampire would
result in the LM hash being null but the NT hash being set, but
hopefully this will take care of it.

In either case I will post results if I can get it running.


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