[Samba] Problem with Save-As in Photoshop/InDesign on a samba server.

Tim Riemenschneider t.riemenschneider at detco.de
Tue Oct 21 15:16:49 GMT 2008


I have a quite "interesting" problem on a samba server:

We (or better: our client) had a WinXP-system with a shared folder with
lots of data, which has been replaced with a dedicated fileserver using
Samba (on Linux).
All data has been migrated and everything seemed to be fine, however
Photoshop (CS3) and InDesign have some problems on WinXP:
- files can be opened and modified just fine (using "Save")
- however when the user tries to use "Save as", he is unable to save
(user says that he can browse directories just fine, however "Save" is
grayed out).
- CS3 on Vista works.
- Saving the file locally and moving it with explorer works too.
- Behaviour is not consistent across directories, i.e. there is a Folder
"Projects" with ~30 subfolders. Saving to the first 4 works, the others
do not work.
- On the old WinXP "server", everything worked....

I have currently no / only limited control on the server.
(I'm not on-site currently, I have only remote-access by ssh to the server)

Has anybody an idea what this can be?


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