[Samba] Browsning problems from Vista

Bengt Werstén Bengt.Wersten at enea.com
Tue Oct 21 06:55:23 GMT 2008

I have got it to almost work when all computers are in the same workgroup. When browsing on the vista computer I see three computers, vista, linux running samba and a 2k machine connected to the linux machine and the second interface. The problem is that I cannot browse the 2k machine. I can access it using IP but when doing a nmblookup on the linux machine it cannot resolve the name using wins. 

The log file, log.nmbd, contains the name query request but not the answer of it. Anyone got any hints on how to troubleshoot this?

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I have a setup where a Vista machine that is behind a NAT connects to a Linux (debian) machine to access SMB shares on that machine. The connection is made with VPN using L2TP/IPSec. I have configured the Linux machine to act as WINS server and PPP will give the Vista machine a new IP on the same subnet and also tell Vista that the WINS server is the Linux machine. 


I have added one share named samba and I can connect it using either IP\Samba or Debian\Samba where debian is the name of the Linux machine. What I'm missing is that Vista cannot find the shares unless I know they exists, i.e I cannot find that network and browse it using the network explorer. Since I can write Debian to connect I guess WINS is somewhat working. What more do I need to configure for Vista to be able to browse the network connected with the VPN. Is it something with workgroups? I do not want to change to workgroup on vista and I think it should be possible to browse other workgroups as long as you belong to the same subnet. Any ideas on this?

/Bengt Werstén

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