[Samba] Closing sessions and smbstatus

Norberto Bensa nbensa at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 00:03:46 GMT 2008

Quoting Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>:

> When you find a process in this state attach using
> strace -p <pid> (on Linux) to see what it's up to.

norberto at archivo4:~$ sudo smbstatus
Unknown parameter encountered: "change notify timeout"
Ignoring unknown parameter "change notify timeout"

Samba version 3.0.28a
PID     Username      Group         Machine

Service      pid     machine       Connected at

Locked files:
Pid          Uid        DenyMode   Access      R/W        Oplock        
     SharePath   Name   Time
747          4036       DENY_ALL   0x2019f     RDWR       NONE          
     /home/mjoddone   .Correo/retina/addr2a3a.pmr   Thu Oct 16  
17:44:15 2008

norberto at archivo4:~$ sudo strace -p 747
attach: ptrace(PTRACE_ATTACH, ...): No such process

I have no stale sessions. My problem seems different (my memory seems  
to be falling lately) I have stale locks.

Is that normal?


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