[Samba] Re: Samba integration with nfs4 and kerberos

rmostert rmostert at cs.up.ac.za
Mon Oct 20 22:18:40 GMT 2008

The kerberos is used for auth of the nfs4 and not of the samba users.
Thus , I wish samba to kinit for the user logged in to use the nfs4 share.

Is this possible?

Benjamin Coddington wrote:
> Since authenticating to samba is frequently done via ntlm, you don't 
> have credentials (no password, no keys) to kinit.  If you're willing 
> to add additional keytypes, you can use kcrap (www.spock.org/kcrap/) 
> to at least authenticate ntlm to samba to kerberos.  This runs an 
> additional daemon on your kdc which looks up the equivalent 
> arcfour-hmac key.
> From there its just an extra step to have the daemon send a TGT, and 
> save it in a cache for gssd to find.  I could probably send you a 
> patch to do just that -- without any claims of security or completeness.
> B

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