[Samba] one ldap server and multiple samba PDC domains

Jorge Concha C. jac at cec.uchile.cl
Mon Oct 20 21:20:18 GMT 2008

On Mon, 20 Oct 2008 14:20:16 -0300, Norberto Bensa <nbensa at gmail.com>  

> Quoting "Jorge Concha C." <jac at cec.uchile.cl>:
>> All my users can log in at all my 3 domains.
> Of course. All your domains have the same SID...
> Why did you chose this setup instead of domain trusts?
> Wouldn't a two-way trust give the same functionality?

I really do not know. I never thought in a configuration of two-way trust.

In addition, my system began as a single domain, then, because the great
load on the machine, I had to duplicate it and then tripled.

Jorge C.

PD. Tu hablas español ?

> Thanks!

You are welcome.

> Norberto

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