[Samba] Cluster: node to node switching

Aleksander Gudalo gudaloal at cms.hu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 15 10:54:44 GMT 2008

I have the same scenario. I use heartbeat to control the activity of 
samba on the nodes. So only one samba instance runs. The two nodes use 
the same name and SID. I set it with "netbios name" flag in the smb.conf.

Stéphane PURNELLE wrote:
> Each computer account have a SID.
> The ADS server cannot accept a client which have a other SID than the SID 
> of registred client.
> And also I think that you cannot have both SID (actif) on the network.
> I have a         cluster PDC, one is actif (samba running) and the other 
> is standby (samba is not running) and these servers have the same SID.

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