[Samba] Profile loading/saving on gigabit network only runs at fast ethernet speeds! Help!

Mike Gallamore mike at mpi-cbg.de
Tue Oct 14 15:56:55 GMT 2008

I think your right there. What type of OS/VM software are you using?  
Could you have the OS + common app bits in a virtual disk that is on  
the local machine and the user profile, user specific applications all  
in a seperate virtual disk that they get from the samba server? That  
would probably trim the amount of traffic hugely.

Also since you have such a performance difference between the two  
options maybe you'd be better off saving the VM image locally then  
using a tool like a bash script/rsync whatever to copy the whole thing  
over once it is a single or couple files. Here seperating the apps  
from the data will help too because a big chunk might not need to be  
sent again as it wouldn't change, but if it is only one file you might  
end up sending the whole thing because someone made a little file. I'm  
thinking that the VM program might be creating a bunch of little  
bursty traffic for some reason which would cause the performance  
On Oct 14, 2008, at 5:46 PM, Charles Marcus wrote:

> On 10/14/2008, Jonathan Bougher (jonathanbougher at gmail.com) wrote:
>> Profile Logoff: 50,000 kb/s (a ~3GB profile takes roughly 10 min to  
>> load)
> Using roaming profiles for profiles so large is - well - insane.
> You won't get much better performance...
> I'd look for another way (than using huge roaming profiles) to
> accomplish your goal.
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> Charles
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