[Samba] Samba builtin groups and LDAP

Loren M. Lang lorenl at alzatex.com
Mon Oct 13 23:40:02 GMT 2008

I just set up a fresh Samba PDC using OpenLDAP as the passdb.  When I
start smbd, I notice some log messages about failing to create some
builtin groups: Administrators and Users.  Is Samba trying to run a
group add script which I have not setup or to create posixGroups in LDAP
which it does not have permission to do?  I turned up debugging output
and saw that it complained about not getting gids from winbind.  I have
not set up and idmaps as it's only one domain and users exists in both
Windows and Linux.
Loren M. Lang
lorenl at alzatex.com

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