[Samba] Print server communications back to the client during printing

Taylor, Marc mdtaylor at illinois.edu
Mon Oct 13 15:41:45 GMT 2008

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone knows why a print server needs to talk back on
the submitting client's ports 139 or 445?
We are running Samba and we have pretty heavy firewall restrictions on
our clients and we have noticed that interacting with the print server
can seem to have lags in responses (job submission, print options, queue
config, etc).  Using the logging feature of the windows firewall we
noticed the print server trying to talk back to the client's ports
mentioned above.  We also noticed that our Win2k3 server does the same
thing and it isn't obvious as to why.

Besides punching holes in the firewall is there a feature that can be
turned off so that this doesn't happen, particularly in Samba (3.0.28)?

Sorry to show my ignorance of this sort of thing but I am not sure how
to phrase a Google query to get to the bottom of this.

Many thanks.

Marc Taylor

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