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Vukovics Mihaly mihaly.vukovics at kk.pte.hu
Fri Oct 10 12:01:24 GMT 2008


Meanwhile i'have found something about the subject:

There is a littel command line utility in the NT4 resource kit, called 
setprfdc.exe. With this utility you can set the preferred logon server 
for the workstation. It works with XP SP3 as well.

 >Hi everyone!
 >I am new to this list, so first i want to say hello!
 >I would like to ask that how windows xp client decide that which server
 >to use as logon server? Now we are using two samba server in two
 >different subnets. I would like to force clients, from a third subnet,
 >to use the specified server as logon server. We using one of the samba
 >servers as globan wins server.

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