[Samba] kinit succeeded but ads_sasl_spnego_krb5_bind failed

francis thaon francisdevence at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 07:01:34 GMT 2008

I have configured samba to use ADS and we need to configure strong
authentication with client ldap sasl wrapping = seal or sign .

Samba version is 3.2.4
We are using openladp latest version

Any idea what is wrong ?

[2008/10/10 08:56:40,  0] libads/sasl.c:ads_sasl_spnego_gsskrb5_bind(593)
  ads_setup_sasl_wrapping() failed: NT_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED
[2008/10/10 08:56:40,  0] libads/sasl.c:ads_sasl_spnego_bind(819)
  kinit succeeded but ads_sasl_spnego_krb5_bind failed:

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