[Samba] Samba/Winbind join domain requires password at every reboot?

Tobias Skytte ts at 247e.com
Thu Oct 9 06:56:51 GMT 2008


I have set up samba to join a windows domain (and everything works
great, domain users can authenticate on the linux box, it even creates
their home dirs and so on) but it seems to require joining to the domain
everytime it reboots with: 
#net join -w mydomain -S myPDC -U administrator 

and then it needs the administrator password, and then a restart of the
winbind daemon.. 

So the question is why is this necessary at every reboot? I don't want
to leave the admin password in some script. Windows machines don't need
to do this at every reboot so why winbind? How can I get it to be joined

PS: I have googled this alot and am not able to find a reason for this..
so any hints will be helpful.
Tobias Skytte

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