[Samba] Samba as PDC+OpenLDAP: unique login?

Guillaume Rousse Guillaume.Rousse at inria.fr
Wed Oct 8 14:04:30 GMT 2008

Joao Amancio a écrit :
> Questions:
>    1. There is a way to populate Samba (users, groups) with the OpenLDAP
>    base?
If you already have your users in your base, you just have to add 
additional classes and attributes to them.

>    2. It's really needed to get users at: linux local system, samba and
>    openldap? Where's is the "single sign on" idea in this case?
The single sign on idea is exactly the opposite: make all your users 
LDAP entries members of posixAccount and sambaSamAccount classes. And 
use smbkrb5 overlay to ensure password sync.

You'd better start having a correctly configured linux user base in 
OpenLDAP first. Then configure samba to also, and run 'smbpasswd -a' for 
each of your users to add sambaSamAccount attributes to them, as well as 
initialising their windows password.
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