[Samba] idmap and single gid

Duffy, Peter peter.duffy at echostar.com
Wed Oct 8 09:24:51 GMT 2008


For a while, we've had a samba server authenticating via locally-defined
users and a smbpasswd file: I'm currently about to reconfigure it to
join an AD domain and use winbind.

I have one specific requirement which I can't figure out how to satisfy.
I'm planning to allocate uids using the "idmap uid = [start] - [end]"
mechanism, but in the case of GIDs, I need to allocate an identical GID
to all users. I've read several posts on the list from people with
similar requirements, but the only viable route seems to be to set up an
LDAP backend for idmap information. Is this really the only way of
achieving this? I'm prepared to do it if necessary, but it seems to be
like using a steam-hammer to crack a hazelnut. Wouldn't it be possible
to have an option like e.g "duplicate ok" available on the "idmap gid"
configuration line, so that when idmap got to the end of the available
range, it would just start at the beginning again?

Thanks for reading.


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