[Samba] Another getent problem

Clark Johnston clarkhorse6 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 16:58:06 GMT 2008

 I have set up a system to be a member server and installed the samba
rpms.  I then copied over the samba config file and changed it to
reflect the new shares and name change.  I ran 'net rpc join -
UAdministrator%'secret' and I was able to join the domain.
Started up smb and then winbind
wbinfo -u
and I can see the users in the domain
getent passwd
shows nothing but the users in /etc/passwd
checked nsswitch.conf and the following lines are there
passwd:     files winbind
shadow:     files
group:      files winbind

I have the following links

when running ldconfig
is pulled.

Tried deleting the cache files
and restarting smb and winbind

The only error I'm finding is
Oct  6 18:04:45 localhost winbindd[3914]:
cli_rpc_pipe_open_ntlmssp_internal: cli_rpc_pipe_bind failed with error


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