[Samba] Samba 3.2.1 not detecting interface in Solaris 10 x86

Jake Carroll jake.carroll at uq.edu.au
Sat Oct 4 12:17:37 GMT 2008

Hi Remy,

Thanks for the reply. This was just a trivial example, but yes - I  
have it set up as nge1, as it stands, as this is the particular  
interface I use for filesharing tasks.

I've also tried specifying an IP address and mask with the interfaces  
= directive, to no avail.

Any extra thoughts?

Thanks for your time.

On Oct 4, 2008, at 10:06 PM, Remy Zandwijk wrote:

>> I'm currently in the process of testing Samba 3.2.1.x compiled for  
>> Solaris 10 x86, because there are some issues I have found with the  
>> default Sun supported 3.0.28a that I am trying to resolve.
>> In the process of attempting to run up 3.2.1.x, I have found that  
>> when I issue an /opt/local/sbin/smbd -D, my samba log file results  
>> in:
>> [2008/10/04 21:29:15,  0, pid=3059] lib/interface.c:(540)
>>  WARNING: no network interfaces found
>> [2008/10/04 21:29:15,  0, pid=3060] smbd/server.c:(547)
>>  open_sockets_smbd: No sockets available to bind to.
>> The default Sun installed version does not do this.
>> My interfaces are specified in my smb.conf like so:
>>   interfaces = lo0 nge
> Shouldn't that be nge0 or something?
> -Remy

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