[Samba] processes not closing

Doug Tucker tuckerd at engr.smu.edu
Fri Oct 3 17:01:43 GMT 2008

> If a kill -9 won't kill the process you have either a kernel
> bug or a hardware problem, not a Samba issue.
> Jeremy.

Thanks, we have 2 cifs servers, and they are both having the issue.  I'm
doubting a hardware problem.  Not sure where to go with a "kernel bug".
Doing a "restart" on samba does fix the issue, I dont' have to fully

But, the real issue (I think) is not that I can't kill -9, but that the
processes are refusing to close when the client goes away, or am I off
in my thinking here?  Is there some type of timeout value for samba
processes I'm unaware of I should be setting?


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