[Samba] Writing to shares directly

Ogden onefix at waste.org
Fri Oct 3 14:46:42 GMT 2008

Within a Samba configuration, is it not advisable to create files on the
directory on the local machines themselves? Out setup is like so:

Server 1 (where the files reside):


Server 2 (mounts the above drive):

If, on Server 1, I create a file:

# echo test > /data/shares/app01/test

The file is created, but on Server 2, I cannot seem to edit the file as I
get the permission denied warning.

However, if I mount the /data/shares/app01 directory on Server 1 and write
to that directory, I can write to the files from other machines fine.

Within smbstatus, it says the file is  RDONLY    and oplock is NONE when
I write to the directory itself and not the mount.

I'm wondering if I set things up alright and whether it is bad practice to
write to the directory directly?

Thank you


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