[Samba] smbclient fails to resolve name

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Fri Nov 28 08:30:32 GMT 2008

Hi, we' ve got some probs regarding the smbclient..

it's odd, coz all seems te be working ok, except the smbclients.
we use samba 3.2.4, here is a debug level 10
nmblook up is working, also it's a pdc and seems to function normal ?!
i did add wins with the nsswitch, and can ping the host.

anny idea where to look for ?!?!

Cheers, Collen

[root at green var]# echo "huh" | smbclient -M ODIN -d10
Initialising global parameters
params.c:pm_process() - Processing configuration file 
Processing section "[global]"
doing parameter workgroup = JORDANET
doing parameter server string =
doing parameter netbios name = GREEN
handle_netbios_name: set global_myname to: GREEN
doing parameter netbios aliases = STATLER ATHENA THORTON
doing parameter bind interfaces only = no
doing parameter interfaces =
doing parameter socket options = TCP_NODELAY
doing parameter name resolve order = wins bcast host
doing parameter security = user
doing parameter preferred master = yes
doing parameter domain master = yes
doing parameter domain logons = Yes
doing parameter local master = yes
doing parameter os level = 99
doing parameter map to guest = Never
doing parameter wins support = yes
doing parameter dns proxy = no
doing parameter include = /usr/local/samba/lib/smb_shares.conf
params.c:pm_process() - Processing configuration file 
pm_process() returned Yes
lp_servicenumber: couldn't find homes
set_server_role: role = ROLE_DOMAIN_PDC
added interface bond0 ip= bcast= 
interpret_interface: Adding interface
added interface ip= bcast= 
Netbios name list:-
Client started (version 3.2.4).
Opening cache file at /usr/local/samba/var/locks/gencache.tdb
Cache entry with key = AD_SITENAME/DOMAIN/ couldn't be found
sitename_fetch: No stored sitename for
internal_resolve_name: looking up ODIN#3 (sitename (null))
Cache entry with key = NBT/ODIN#03 couldn't be found
no entry for ODIN#03 found.
resolve_wins: Attempting wins lookup for name ODIN<0x3>
Cache entry with key = WINS_SRV_DEAD/, couldn't be found
wins_srv_is_dead: is alive
resolve_wins: using WINS server and tag '*'
bind succeeded on port 0
Sending a packet of len 50 to ( on port 137
read_udp_v4_socket: ip port 35072 read: 56
parse_nmb: packet id = 18870
Received a packet of len 56 from ( port 137
nmb packet from header: id=18870 opcode=Query(0) response=Yes
    header: flags: bcast=No rec_avail=Yes rec_des=Yes trunc=No auth=Yes
    header: rcode=3 qdcount=0 ancount=1 nscount=0 arcount=0
    answers: nmb_name=ODIN<03> rr_type=10 rr_class=1 ttl=0
Negative name query response, rcode 0x03: The name requested does not exist.
name_resolve_bcast: Attempting broadcast lookup for name ODIN<0x3>
bind succeeded on port 0
socket option SO_KEEPALIVE = 0
socket option SO_REUSEADDR = 1
socket option SO_BROADCAST = 1
Could not test socket option TCP_NODELAY.
Could not test socket option TCP_KEEPCNT.
Could not test socket option TCP_KEEPIDLE.
Could not test socket option TCP_KEEPINTVL.
socket option IPTOS_LOWDELAY = 0
socket option IPTOS_THROUGHPUT = 0
socket option SO_SNDBUF = 111616
socket option SO_RCVBUF = 111616
socket option SO_SNDLOWAT = 1
socket option SO_RCVLOWAT = 1
socket option SO_SNDTIMEO = 0
socket option SO_RCVTIMEO = 0
Sending a packet of len 50 to ( on port 137
Sending a packet of len 50 to ( on port 137
Sending a packet of len 50 to ( on port 137
Sending a packet of len 50 to ( on port 137
Sending a packet of len 50 to ( on port 137
Sending a packet of len 50 to ( on port 137
resolve_hosts: not appropriate for name type <0x3>
lang_tdb_init: /usr/local/samba/lib/en_US.UTF-8.msg: No such file or 
Connection to ODIN failed. Error NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
[root at green var]#

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