[Samba] Cannot Delete File

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Fri Nov 28 01:47:49 GMT 2008

add to [testing]

csc policy = disable
nt acl support = no
force security mode = 777

Robert Steinmetz wrote:
> I just upgraded  my Member Server to 3.2.4 on Ubuntu.
> I have a permissions problem. Users can create files on the Samba 
> shares but they cannot delete files. Here is a typical share definition.
> [Testing]
>        comment = Test for Samba
>        path = /files/test
>        browseable = yes
>        writeable = yes
>        create mask = 0764
>        directory mask = 0775
> On the Linux side I can do whatever I want. On windows I can create 
> directories and delete them, I can create files, open them, modify 
> them and save them back, but any attempt to delete them fails with the 
> error "Cannot delete <filename>: Access is denied The source file may 
> be in use."
> On windows XP the file shows the domain user had Full Control and the 
> Domain User Group has read write control. The Linux permissions are 
> 764 although some files are 770 even files with 777 permissions fail..

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