[Samba] Print only server

Matthew Daubenspeck matt at oddprocess.org
Mon Nov 24 20:10:40 GMT 2008

I currently have a 95% Novell Network network that continues to have
constant printing issues. Enough Novell bashing, here lies the problem.
I am trying to migrate all of our printers over to a samba print server,
but in several of my tests I have come up with problems. I will attach
my smb.conf at the end for those of you that wish to see it.

I am using lprng as the printing backend because all of our printers are
HP JetDirect that support PS. I didn't see the need of all of the extra
cups nonsense when I have used lprng locally with multiple workstations
and never needed to have anything converted.  If you suggest stopping
with lprng and trying everything over with cups, I'll stop right now and
do that.

I basically have a brand new samba server installed and working. I have
a test lprng printer installed and everything prints, lists, and works
fine from a console. I have tried adding the single printer to samba
before using [printers] to make sure everything works. 

Basically can't get queue listings. I have the printer being displayed
properly on an XP client, but once the printer is installed and opened I
get a "printer on server Access denied, unable to connect." I can still
print just fine, but I cannot list jobs, pause printing, or purge
documents. I have turned up the log level to 3 and I can't seem to
locate an error:

[2008/11/24 10:29:16, 3] printing/print_generic.c:print_run_command(69)
  Running the command `lpq -P'techlaser'' gave 0
[2008/11/24 10:29:16, 3] printing/printing.c:print_queue_update_internal(1152)
  print_queue_update_internal: 0 jobs in queue for techlaser

That's in the main smbd log, however in the clients log I see:

[2008/11/24 10:28:36, 3] rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c:_spoolss_open_printer_ex(1691)
  access DENIED for printer open

I have gone so far as setting all of the print spools as 777 (which made
me shiver) and I got the same result. I am basically looking for a
complete open printing system without the need of any username/passwords
to make client installation easier. Where should I start?
  Matthew Daubenspeck

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