[Samba] Cups + Samba + Vista?

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Mon Nov 24 08:07:46 GMT 2008

Adam McCarthy schrieb:
> I have followed the various guides online for setting up Cups and
> Samba, to where you can just right click a print and choice connect
> and the printer just works but then it does not work with Vista. It
> seems to print out tons of junk.
> Is there a way to make Vista work with Cups + Samba?
Hi Adam,

Vista does work with cups and samba.
But their will be lots of drivers and configurations that won't do.

So please provide some more information.
- Which Samba Version?
- What driver do you use?
- What have you successfully done? (Have you installed the driver on 
your Samba server? Have you successfully assigned the driver to a 
printer? etc.)
- If possible: does the setup work with XP?

I'd assume, that junk comes out of the printer because the EMF is not 
converted to the printer language. In some drivers this is caused by the 
lack of some registry entries.


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