[Samba] mount problem (cifs)

Pol Hallen samb at fuckaround.org
Fri Nov 21 15:01:00 GMT 2008

Hi folks :-)
upgrading kernel from 2.6.22 to and mount the share of samba..

mount //ip/share1 /home/user1/share1 -o "user=user,pass=pass"

I tried:
touch /home/user1/share1/tmp
touch: setting times of `/home/user1/share1/tmp': No such file or directory

echo "tmp" > /home/user1/share1/tmp
-bash: /home/user1/share1/tmp: No such file or directory

I can write on share of samba, but I can't editing a file on share of samba.

I using cifs: is there a LinuxPermission problem or other?

There aren't permission problem on the directory because with windows clients 
everything is ok - with oldkernel (2.6.22) there were not these problems :-/

(using konqueror smb://ip/share I can correctly write on share of samba)

Any idea?

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