[Samba] empty directory with samba 2.0.24 and vista?

Shaochun Wang scwang at ios.ac.cn
Fri Nov 21 13:50:12 GMT 2008

Hi all,

When I connect the samba-3.0.24 server on a Windows Vista machine, I
always got empty directory. I mean that I can't see any files in the
directory although they really exist there.

But from the same Window Vista machine, everything works fine when I
connect another samba-3.0.32 server.

After searching the Google, I find that the same problem has been
reported before, But unfortunately, there is still no answer to it! So
I reiterate it here.

Any hints?

Shaochun Wang <scwang at ios.ac.cn>

Jabber:	fungusw at jabber.org

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