[Samba] Outlook and roaming profiles?

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Wed Nov 19 07:46:04 GMT 2008

Ong Chin Kiat wrote:
> I need the following features
> - Roaming profiles
> - LDAP based user administration / authentication
> My question is - can it be done without Exchange (ie using PST files)?

Officially, it can't be done because officially you can't put PST files 
on network drives.

In practice, you can do it, although depending on your setup it may be a 
really REALLY bad idea.

I have inherited a site that has several dozen users storing their PST 
files on a samba server, it has it's share of problems but with an 
otherwise stable setup they are not insurmountable.

If you have half a dozen workstations with gigabit links to a modern 
server, then you might get away with it (maybe).
If you have a a few hundred users on thinnet, then forget it.

Since you are using IMAP you might find other mail clients would make 
life much simpler. You should be able to exclude any local mail store 
from roaming and just let it populate everything from IMAP at first logon.

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