[Samba] File lock recovery

Sudheer Kurichiyath skurichiyath at vmware.com
Tue Nov 18 09:09:18 GMT 2008


I am having some issues with lock recovery.

If a client gets powered off after acquiring an exclusive lock on a file,  the Windows server  grants the file lock to a second client within 2 minutes. However, the Samba server (version Samba 3.0.28-0.el5.8) that I am having does not look to be detecting the dead client and so, a second client is not getting the lock on the same file even if it waits for >30 minutes.

Is it (no resource recovery) an expected behaviour? Is the resource recovery time is something that can be configured? Can the option "reset on zero vc" be useful in such a situation?

Thank you in advance for your help

Thanks and Regards


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