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Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Tue Nov 18 00:24:10 GMT 2008

test test wrote:
> Hi,
> I setup trash in samba, it working well but people can avoid it when they
> delete files/folder using key combination ( Shift+Del ) in Windows XP. Is
> possible to prevent hard delete?
I don't exactly have a solution to your problem (in fact, I'm kind of 
surprised that you can do that), but have a look at rsync + hardlink 

Our systems here run a backup every hour (during business hours), each 
evening we grab the most recent hourly sync and put it away (we keep 5 
days worth of these), each friday we grab the most recent daily and keep 
that (for 4 weeks).

All up, I can just back to any given hour for the past day, and given 
day for the past week, or any week for the past month, and it uses 
approx 1.5x the storage space of the original data (obviously that 
number will increase if you have less static data).

This is my intermediate step, between the recycled module and the tape 
backups, but to be honest, since this has been up and running I hardly 
ever look at the recycled stuff. If someone wants something recovered it 
is far simpler to grab it from the rsync copy.

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