[Samba] How to share [homes] in a more flexible way?

Dariem Pérez Herrera dariemp at uci.cu
Mon Nov 17 21:58:52 GMT 2008

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> From: Miguel Medalha [mailto:miguelmedalha at sapo.pt]
> If your users are seeing folders other than their own under "homes", it
> means that you made some mistake with the configuration, probably with
> the path directive to homes. That is NOT the normal behavior. You still
> didn't show us your [homes] entry in smb.conf...

This us my [homes] configuration:

browseable = no
writeable = yes
valid users = @UCI\NovaGroup

As you can see, I do not specify path. That's because users' homes are in the default location and Samba finds them without any problem. Members of NovaGroup are the only ones who can access their homes. For example, user Frank who belongs to NovaGroup, can access (read and write) the folder \\server\frank . The problem is that hypothetical user Jon, who doesn't belong to NovaGroup but is a domain user, also see a folder \\server\jon , although he cannot access that folder. I don't want Jon to see that folder, because nasty users like Jon are always complaining about a phantom folder appearing on an unknown machine in a department where they don't work. Did you get the idea? Solutions you have gave me doesn't solve my problem. Thanks anyway, but I'm still searching....



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