[Samba] How to share [homes] in a more flexible way?

Dariem Pérez Herrera dariemp at uci.cu
Sun Nov 16 09:23:56 GMT 2008

Hello everybody,
This is the scenario I have: I've joined a GNU/Linux machine to an Active Directory domain using winbind, and I've shared [homes], so now every user of the entire organization were I work can see a shared resource named like his/her username when they connect to that PC, but I don't want that, I just want the people from my department to see their homes (they are the only users who can access that machine by connecting to Samba, because I've specified valid users in [homes], but keeping visible homes for the rest of the users in the organization can bring me some trouble with personnel asking why their usernames appear naming a shared folder on an unknown machine in a remote department). I've attempted various approaches but I've failed to achieve my goal, so I wonder if it's even possible. Sharing homes one-by-one is out of question: too many people in my department. Can you help me?

best regards,


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