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Ladislav Ardo Ladislav.Ardo at aoes.com
Thu Nov 13 21:29:23 GMT 2008

Charles Marcus wrote:
> 2. Your computer can only be joined to one domain at a time.
> So, you wouldn't be able to do #3 unless you unjoined Domain1 and joined
> Domain2.
That is not, to my understanding, an issue here. You do get a multiple 
domain names listed in the domain drop down menu at logon if these 
domains are members of the same forest or if there are trust relations 
configured in between them. It is thus possible to login into multiple 
domains on a single box. Depending on the set-up you might end-up with 
different profiles.
> Anyway, I'm not a fan of (nor do I use) Vista, and have zero experience
> with it in a domain environment, so the above link is about all I can
> offer..
You should give it a try, it is fun! :)

lmhelp -> It is indeed unclear whether you are a) a sysadmin trying to 
learn something, or; b) a user who is trying to get around a sysadmin. 
If a) is the case, I believe you got enough replies and suggestions that 
can get you started. If b) is the case, have a word with your sysadmin 
and ask him if he can make your life easier (likely there have been more 
users with similar requests before you). He might help or explain to you 
why such is not a good idea in your environment.

Either way, although this issue had little to do with Samba to begin 
with, unless you have already considered some of the tips given in this 
thread -- I suggest you try one of the Windows technical forums 
(although I am not sure if there is anything useful that can be said in 
addition to what was already said here).


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