[Samba] Vista - Profile - Local

Ladislav Ardo Ladislav.Ardo at aoes.com
Thu Nov 13 13:03:21 GMT 2008

lmhelp wrote:
> Has anyone ever got the same problem as I:
> - having a LAPTOP running VISTA,
> - being the ONLY user of that laptop,
> - having to log SOMETIMES on a given Samba domain, SOMETIMES on another,
> - wanting to use always the SAME PROFILE whichever the login may be,
> - wanting that profile to be LOCAL.
At your own risk:

1.) Do not specify roaming profile path on domain controllers for 
domain1\user "A" and domain2\user "B" (that way obviously they will have 
no roaming profile, only 'cached' profiles on your Vista System 
C:\Users\A and C:\Users\B (login and logout so they are created)
2.) On Vista system, create new local user "C"
3.) Login as user "C"; make necessary adjustments and logout. You got 
now new profile in C:\Users\C. Login again as user "C" (make sure that C 
is admin at this point).
4.) change permissions on C:\Users\C so both so user "A" and user "B" 
have full control
5.) change permissions on C:\users\A and C:\Users\B to give user "C" 
full control
6.) open regedit32
7.) select HKEY_Users window and Choose "Load Hive"
8.) locate and select NTUSER.DAT file of user A (C:\Users\A\NTUSER.DAT) 
and give it a name e.g. "A"
9.) now - you can change the locations of profile folders of the user A, 
that is: A\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell 
Folders and A\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User 
Shell Folders
-- change all (or only specific folders if you wish) to point to the 
profile directories of user "C"
10.) Unload the hive and repeat the process for the user "B"
11.) If you are concerned about security remove admin privileges for 
user "C"

Now all three users A; B and C are using the same profile directories of 
your choice.


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