[Samba] Samba hangs after WAN link to trusted domain is cut

François Legal devel at thom.fr.eu.org
Thu Nov 13 08:57:44 GMT 2008

Wondering if this is a known behaviour in samba. 

I have 2 domains (say DOM_A and DOM_B) with DOM_B trusting DOM_A (one
way relation). DOM_A and DOM_B are located in two different nets (and
locations) and are connected through a VPN. 
What happens is that if the VPN goes down, samba PDC at DOM_B seems
to be hung (can't provide auth to clients anymore), and this remains
even after the VPN link is restored. 

I don't have so much data to add to this threads, except this : 

After the VPN went down, I did try to start a service on one client
(being connected on the PDC console) by using the net -U admin -W
DOM_B rpc service start MyService, and the command failed indicating
no domain controller was available. 

By checking the nmbd logs, I could notice some browsing issue as both
PDCs are configured with : 

remote browse sync = Address of the other domain PDC 

remote announce = Address of the other domain PDC 
After I commented out both line at DOM_B PDC, the failure
(as far as I could test). 
So now my question is : is this kind of a feature (implied by remote
browse sync) of did I misconfigured something. 

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